I'll Just Do It Myself!


Go Big or Go Home

You want to create a special experience for your child that shows how much you love them, and so you think of all the great things you can do:  extravagant theme parks, hotels, adventureplexes, etc.  Then comes the bill.  What started out as an amazing time ends up costing you up more than you planned.

Going Home

Then it occurs to you:  "Hey, I can just have a nice party at the house, invite friends, cake and decorations-- easy!"  But after the bouncy house, cake, snacks, juice boxes, party decorations, invitations and everything else you soon realize that "easy" isn't easy after all.  And in the end you realize you didn't save as much as you thought you would.

Cost for the Home Party

Here are some typical costs for doing it yourself:

  • Bouncy House:  $100
  • Decorations:  $50 - $100
  • Cake, ice cream for 20:  $50 - $100
  • Party Supplies:  $50
  • Entertainer:  $200

Now add in the value of all the hours you spend coordinating and doing it all by yourself, not to mention that cleanup operation afterwards.  You ask yourself, "Is it worth the headache?"

Party Place

For roughly the same cost of doing it yourself, you can rent an amazing space for over 30 guests where your child and his/her guests will have an unforgettable experience!

The Big Difference

What's a party if you can't share the experience with your friends?  At CK Party you can invite all your child's friends to enjoy the experience, versus a theme park which only a few families may join in.  With all the custom options to choose from STEAM Projects to Aerial Arts to a Cooking Party and so much more, you can relax knowing that you didn't just have a party-- you created an amazing experience for all your guests.  And at the end, there's nothing for you to do or clean-- just sit back and smile.