Read About Our Policies

Before the Party


Things to know before booking your event and how to guarantee your booking.

During the Party


Things to be mindful of during the party.

After the Party


What to expect after the party.

Before the Party

Select Your Date & Package

Once you submit your date, package, and preferred Add-Ons, you will be contacted by one of our Coordinators to work out the finer details.  Be sure to include your email and phone number.

Reserve Your Spot


Before your reservation is confirmed, an initial payment must be made in the amount of $200 regardless of the package.  The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and is applied to your total.


*PLEASE NOTE that you are responsible for the full cost of your confirmed package if you cancel or reschedule within 15 days of your scheduled event.

Agreement Contract

Once you speak with a Coordinator and confirm your selections, an Agreement form will be sent to you.  You must initial each page and sign the bottom of the "Event Agreement" form before you submit your initial deposit.

The Agreement form can be mailed or scanned to


You must provide your coordinator with the exact number of children and adults in your party 14 days before the event.

Security Deposit

The Security Deposit ($500) is held in escrow for any damages, missing items, or excessive cleaning.  This deposit must be paid within 7 days of your event, and is refundable within 14 days after your event provided that the premises are left in good condition and with no damage or excessive wear as a result of you or your guests.

Event Insurance

All parties/events are required to be protected by an event insurance policy from a valid insurance provider.  Event insurance must include a Coverage Limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence and a $2,000,000 aggregate.  (A frequently used provider is listed here, however, you can use any provider of your choosing.)


During the Party

Arriving Early

As the Host, you and your setup team are allowed to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time to help set up and prepare for your party.  Guests are not allowed admittance before the Start Time.

Catering / Food

We can provide cheese pizzas and water for your guests (*see Add Ons), but if you prefer to have food delivered you will need to coordinate with your food provider.  It is recommended that food is delivered 30 minutes before the Start Time and can arrive no later than 1 hour past the Start Time.

End Time

City Kids Coordinators will work with you to ensure that your event ends promptly by the given End Time.  30 minutes before the End Time, all guests will be kindly ushered to the side table for cake. 


Alcohol, smoking, and illicit drugs are strictly prohibited on the premises.

After the Party


We handle the clean up!  Once your guests leave, our clean up team will handle the mess while you head home and pat yourself on the back for creating a great time had by all.


Our team will conduct a thorough review of the premises to ensure that nothing was damaged or is missing.  You will receive a Review Report within 3 days after the event if there is anything to report.

Cleaning Deposit Refund

Within 14 days after your event, the Security Deposit will be returned to you.  If the Review indicates damaged or missing items, any unused portion of the Security Deposit will be returned.