The City Kids Events Mission

Supporting Tuition Assistance for Families In Need

City Kids Party is directly sponsored by City Kids LA, a private, progressive preschool and elementary school in the heart of LA.

City Kids believes in creating a diverse culture from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and belief systems, and that an amazing education should not just belong to those who can afford one. By holding your party at City Kids Events, you are directly sponsoring a child to attend school who may otherwise, not be able to access this type of education. 

Each year, City Kids LA provides over 50% of families in financial need with tuition assistance.  These funds are provided by the school and generous donors that help to steward and cultivate diversity in our community. Hosting your party or event at City Kids makes you a part of our community of supporters as 100% of revenue goes directly into our Tuition Assistance Fund.